Editorial Base was founded in 1972 with a clear commitment to the service of the country. That is why our editorial line is aimed at publishing high quality scientific books written by specialists in each of the various historical topics that help us to get to know our country.

Editorial Base, from the first day, works on this objective, to spread the Catalan identity fact but independently to any political or business group and with its own, open and different philosophy to other publishers in the country.

It is also specialized in the facsimile edition of historical works of great importance for the knowledge and study of the history of Catalonia as well as in the edition of books of non-fiction that include the essay, the political news and social, psychology, journalistic research, humor and biographies.

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1941 1941 Sobrequés i Callicó, Jaume
Abecedari Tàpies Abecedari Tàpies Barral i Altet, Xavier
Alfons X el Savi Alfons X el Savi Valdeón Baruque, Julio
Anna Maria Dalí i Salvador Anna Maria Dalí i Salvador Rodrigo, Antonina
Barri Xino Barri Xino Sorribas, Sebastià
Botxins i repressors Botxins i repressors Preston, Paul
Catalunya al segle XV Catalunya al segle XV Sobrequés i Vidal, Santiago


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