Editorial created in 1990 and dedicated to the publication of books in Catalan. The collections of Pagès Editors are directed by professionals from each field of study (historians, philosophers, philologists, technicians, etc.). Participates in several international publishing competitions, such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Liber (Barcelona-Madrid) or the HILO (International Book Fair of Guadalajara) among others. The will of Pagès Editors is to continue growing and carry out a commitment to quality culture.


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Ambaixador a la cort del Gran Mogol Ambaixador a la cort del Gran Mogol Montserrat, Antoni de; Alay, Josep Lluís
Aprendre a aprimar-se Aprendre a aprimar-se Sempau, Pilar
Cadàvers ben triats Cadàvers ben triats Carbó, Joaquim
Cent valors per viure Cent valors per viure Torralba, Francesc
Destí d Destí d'una dona de poble Tolstoi, Lev N.; Kuzminskaia, Tatiana A.
El ble i la llum El ble i la llum Fabregat, Rosa
El complot El complot Casanova, Eugeni
El dia de les sirenes El dia de les sirenes Sans Sicart, Joan
El moment de dir prou El moment de dir prou Strubell i Trueta, Toni
El patró Gombau El patró Gombau Vallverdú, Josep


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